4 of the best car TV shows you can watch for free on YouTube

Good car TV shows are few and far between.  These are some of our favourite car TV shows from YouTube.

We actually don’t watch much TV and we have a pretty strict low tech approach with our Car Crazy Kid.  We don’t let him play with iPad’s, other tablets or our iPhones.

To be honest we’ve never needed to distract him with our phones when we’re out or at home.  The world is just a constantly changing road to a Car Crazy Kid with a couple of cars in his hand, his pocket, your pocket and your handbag.  There are roads everywhere that his cars just can’t wait to drive on. Cracks in pavements, patterns in upholstery fabric, bench seats and coffee tables all become roads for little cars or fingers. Embracing his car craziness really has allowed his imagination flourish.

Part of our reason for limiting TV and technology was the development of an eye tic and facial grimace that developed around 18 months old within days of us introducing TV. If he watched a lot of TV it got worse. We’d catch him doing in the rear view mirror and glance at each other in the car. So we stopped all TV and technology and it went away. It came back when we moved home to another state and we let him watch a lot of TV while we packed.

So we’re pretty picky about what we watch. We watch about 4-20 minutes each night as part of his part of his pre-bed wind down routine. We all sit on the couch together and watch all sorts of things like Sarah and Duck, Peppa Pig, Clangers and Ben and Holly.

But he regularly asks us to watch “something with cars in it that I’ve never, ever seen before”.

There’s a distinct preference towards “talking cars” as well.

In our world there are two types of cars, talking and normal. And there’s just not a lot out there and what there is tends to be really, really annoying. I can’t be the only mum who can’t stand the stupid music and voice overs in TV shows like Bob the Builder?

So we were on a mission to find some good car TV shows. We had a few requirements of our own: the voiceover or music couldn’t be too stupid and annoying and it mustn’t be too try hard educational or crazy and overstimulating.

The credit for finding these little gems actually goes to his nanna who hunted through YouTube and found the best. We love these car TV shows. Our Car Crazy Kid loves them even more. Some are 4 minutes long, others will run up to 40 minutes. All are freely available on YouTube to watch on your TV, tablet or phone when you’re out and about. Just type their name into the YouTube search bar or your favourite browser and you’ll find them all easily.

Dr Mac Wheelie

Dr Mac Wheelie is a female mechanic with a very interesting accent. You can choose your voice over language or watch the original with no speaking. It’s a great interactive way to spend time with your kid, talking about what you’re watching and wondering together what’s going to happen next.

Anyway, Dr Mac Wheelie is pretty cool and she fixes broken engines, tow trucks, monster trucks, race cars and even a tank. She has a robot helper called Handy and there is an episode where you see the good Doc design and build Handy. Each episode is about 4 minutes long. You can find the YouTube playlist of English narrated Dr Mac Wheelie here

Dr Mac WheelieCar Wash Compilation

Running at about a 49 minute viewing time this is what we watch during the day when he just needs to mong* out. Those hot, sticky, humid and cranky days where you just want to lose yourself in something. There are lots of shapes in it so it must be a bit educational! There’s no voice over or speaking.

Different vehicles drive into a car wash after you’re first shown how they became “absolutely filthy dirty”. You see the car progress through the car wash with the dirt slowly disappearing. There’s a police car, monster truck, fire engine and a whole heap more.

I find the background music is pretty annoying so we watch it with the sound turned down low. Perfect for when he just wants to mong* on a hot February day.

Here is the link to the free YouTube full length version of Car Wash Compilation

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Excavator Max

Follows Excavator Max and his buddy Toy Truck Leo. You’ll find the voice over narrator familiar if you’ve listened to the English version of Dr Mac Wheelie. There are lots of various trucks, cars and vehicles being assembled from parts in the back of Leo or found in a surprise egg hiding in the playground. There’s always a part missing that they search the playground to find. This really seems to tickle that need to pull things apart to have a look and figure out how they work and go together which seems so common in young boys especially.

The characters don’t speak and the narration is slow and gentle. Visually it’s also not too overstimulating and they seem to have gotten the background music just right in this one. Each episode is between 3 and 4 minutes long.

You can find the YouTube playlist for Excavator Max and Leo hereMax and leo

Fire Station Compilation

Another car TV show that is perfect mong* material but at 23 minutes is a much shorter length than Car Wash Compilation. Does this make it entry level mong material?

It’s basically a compilation of lots of shorter fire engine cartoons of about 3-4 minutes each. Lots of bright and bold visuals that aren’t overly stimulating. Music and sound effects are also a tad annoying but are bearable when the sound is turned right down low. There is no speaking or voiceover but there are some sight words in a small section that name the various fire truck parts.

You can watch Fire Station Compilation for free on YouTube here

Fire engine compilation


*To ‘mong’ – often described as quiet time but it’s actually a distinctly different state. Reading is not monging. Sometimes you’re just too tired to read but you’ve grown past the need to have day sleeps so instead you need to just mong for a bit. To mong means to assume a catatonic position and just stare – at ceilings or out of windows are common. It’s a bit like a power nap where you just check out for a bit.

As adults, when the need to mong appears we often drink coffee or consume sugar. Instead we should get our mong-on and have a power nap or watch a good movie. The world would be a better place for it.


This is not a paid endorsement of any kind. No payment received or favours given blah blah blah.  These are simply some damn good car TV shows found on YouTube for Car Crazy Kids!