Nursery Rhymes to help develop pre literacy skills in Car Crazy Kids

I never really got into nursery rhymes with my Car Crazy Kid until very recently. We do plenty of singing together, usually when we’re out and about in the car we make up silly nonsense rhymes that we take turns singing.  They usually go something like this:

“Car Par pudding and pie

Kissed the letterbox and made it cry

When the trees came out to play

Car Par ran away”


I must admit I’d always thought of nursery rhymes as, well, a bit silly really. Cutting tails off blind mice, poor broken humpty who couldn’t be mended, Jack’s broken crown and poor old Miss Muffet being terrorised by a spider.  Really?  What is that sort of stuff meant to be teaching kids about the world?

Turns out I was wrong and that there’s a reason that nursery rhymes are beloved by children around the world. It also turns out that by memorising nursery rhymes it’s actually helping them to develop the language and learning foundations that will help them with literacy, reading and writing skills.  Apparently if a child has memorised 8 nursery rhymes by the time they’re 4, it’s highly predictive of being an accomplished reader by the age of 8.

Car Crazy Kid’s nanna is a bit of a YouTube gun and has found several car themed nursery rhymes that he just loves. I catch him singing them to himself throughout the day and he’ll often ask me what comes next if he can’t remember.  I’ve had to brush up on my humpty dumpty and incy wincey spider big time.

And we’ve got some new fodder for our silly songs while we’re driving in the car as a result of listening to kids nursery rhymes.


“One, two, my car’s blue

Three, four, hear it’s engine roar

Five, six, I’ll show you some tricks

Seven, eight I’m drivin’ straight

Nine, ten let’s race again”


These two free YouTube nursery rhyme channels will be loved by car crazy kids and before you know it you’ll be humming along too.


Vehicle Songs by Little Baby BumVehicle Songs by Little Baby Bum

There are some rather annoying ads throughout this but aside from that it’s a great little compilation interspersed with some road safety messages about using crossings and looking both ways. Apparently there is some type of free software that will remove the ads for you – but I’m not tech savvy enough for this (that’s Car Crazy Kid’s Nannas job!).


Car Nursery Rhymes, Songs and Videos by Little Red Car on Kid’s Channel

This one is Car Crazy Kid’s favourite, despite having the creepiest car spider you’ll ever see performing Incy Wincy Spider. It has all the classics, from Hickory Dickory Dock through to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  It’s all about the cars.

car nusery rythms
Hickory Dickory Dock featuring a car as a mouse AND the clock!


No affiliate links in this post, just some links to a couple of car crazy nursery rhymes on YouTube that parents of Car Crazy Kids will hopefully find as useful and fun as we have.  Who would have thought about combining vehicles and nursery rhymes together.