Orchard Toys: Giant Road Jigsaw extra large floor puzzle

* This is a real review – I spent my own hard earned money to purchase this product.  This is not a sponsored or paid promotional post in any way.

Today my order from Modern Teaching Aids turned up.  When Yagga Yagga heard the dog barking at the courier he was desperate to see what was inside all of the boxes.  His eyes lit up when he saw the rather big box for the Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw and couldn’t wait to test it out.  I’d been planning on putting it away in the cupboard to save for a rainy day or when I had some work deadlines to power through, thankfully he was so excited he forgot to ask what was in the other boxes!

So I made him sit on the couch and inspect the box while I gave the floors a quick sweep and then it was game on.  The box was open quick smart and the giant puzzle pieces were in a heap upon the floor.

photo 1 (00D)

Orchard Toys – Giant Road Jigsaw 20pce
Big and chunky puzzle pieces are easy for little hands to join the road sections together
Orchard Toys – Giant Road Jigsaw 20pce
The first hastily constructed puzzle road. The beautiful and colourful details and illustrations on the puzzle sections of road are gorgeous and eye catching.


We have several games from Orchard Toys and love them.  Monster Catcher and Spotty Dog.  All of the game pieces are made from hard wearing, thick and heavy duty cardboard finished with a gloss laminate or coating that makes it easy to wipe grubby bits of goodness-knows-what off of them.  And these giant puzzle pieces looked to be the same high quality.

Each puzzle section of road fits into any other puzzle section in any direction so there is no right or wrong way to put the puzzle road together.  Yagga Yagga had a bit of a crazy and frenetic free for all just adding random sections of road together.  He was busy muttering to himself and exclaiming at all the delightful little details on each section of puzzle road.  A man on a red scooter, a cyclist, cats, dogs, workmen drilling, people with shopping bags and even a fox slinking near an overflowing bin.

Once he’d used up all the puzzle pieces he noticed that on the box there were a couple pictures with suggested ways to assemble the puzzle that resulted in a closed road loop so we had to pull his road to pieces and then put it back to together following the picture on the box.  When his dad got back tonight they reassembled the road again before dinner – not before he demonstrated to us how his cars drive on the roads.

Once the puzzle was assembled into a giant road, the cars came out and play began in earnest.  More and more cars joined the road and he was lost for several hours.

There are 20 individual pieces that are big and easy for little hands to interlock into other pieces.  They come in a large and very sturdy storage box.

Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw

This really is a giant road as you can see in this picture.  The fact that it pulls apart and connects easily will make it great for travelling and storage.

Like any play road, the excitement and shine will wear off after a period of time, so the key to keeping it fresh is to have several different play roads and bring one out at a time. 

I find that the excitement level when a favourite play road is brought out from storage can actually be even higher than when it was brand new.

And I can tell that our new Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw is going to be a firm favourite in the play road department.

Expect to pay about $45 to $60 for the giant jigsaw floor puzzle – which is on the pricey side but if it’s as hard wearing as our other Orchard Toys games then it’s money well spent.

It’s a happy talent to know how to play – Emerson

Orchard Toys – Giant Road Jigsaw 20pce
Even Jandal the cat thinks the new road is a bit awesome!

Play roads and car play mats form a big part of Yagga Yagga’s most imagination filled and fuelled play sessions.  We have strict limits on TV and don’t do other technology like iPads and iPhones with him – but with a favourite play road or play mat he can literally become completely engrossed in fully independent play for several hours at a time.  Each car has it’s own distinct personality and even different voices that he creates for them.  I know he’s fully engrossed in his play world when I can hear the shouted conversations his cars have with each other.  If I spend too long watching him while he plays like this, he’ll often look up at me and say in no uncertain terms “you can go now mummy”!

My next few post’s will be about finding cheap and quirky play roads in the most unlikely of places.  So stay tuned!