I have a car crazy kid.

We never set out to intentionally create a car crazy kid.  That’s just the way he is.

His dad and I aren’t car crazy, but there’s a touch of car craziness in grandparents on both sides of his family tree.

I have a passion for children’s health, education and their growth and development.  I admit that there have been times when I questioned whether his fascination with wheeled objects was healthy or “normal”.  I’ve had past family day care providers suggest that we facilitate an interest in something other than cars.  So I bought him a dolls house which quickly became home to a modern family of mixed model cars.  If it aint got wheels he’s not really interested.

These days I’m not worried as I’ve observed how his imagination and creativity blossoms while lost and absorbed in a world of wheeled objects.

Now I embrace the car craziness and just roll with it.  This blog is about our journey.  I’ve spent so many, many hours searching out toys and play ideas to encourage creative play in my Car Crazy Kid that it would be a damn shame not to share with the parents of other Car Crazy Kids.